Monday, 22 July 2013

made with so much love and sadness

My darling John - the love of my life- died at work on 5th June. It was one of those 1 in a million freak chances - his artery sealed as the heart needed blood.  I went to the hospital thinking I would find him sitting up in a bed and moaning about having a day off work. I was taken to a room where I was told that he had died. My world collapsed in that instant.
John and I had our own song - Please don't go by KC and the Sunshine Band. It was played at the funeral but I felt that I had to say why it meant so much and I found the strength from somewhere to stand at the front of an unbelievably packed church and say why they words meant so much to us.
I have made this picture to hang in the room by a photo of my wonderful John - the words are from our song.