Thursday, 31 May 2012

Happy Jubilee

Any excuse for cakes!!!
 We are having a jubilee lunch at work tomorrow , there is a Jubilee fete round the Green tomorrow and on Sunday Jubilee cupcakes with my best friend that may be a slight gain at Slimming World on Monday!!! I did get my 1 stone certificate though - I lost 2lbs lbs Florida - all that walking

Yes I know you may have seen this image before but its so adaptable and its for 5 challenges

wild orchid crafts - Bingo (blue, flowers, glitter)
mymumscraftshopchallenges - red white and blue
totally gorjuss something new   [my papers]
creative challenges red white and blue
delightfulsketches red white and blue

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I look like a Disney Princess

....unfortunately it's one of the lesser known beauties - Princess Quasimodo!!Felt really unwell over the weekend - cold like symptoms and its just got worse - had to take a day off work today and I hate doing that but I feel and look dreadful. When real princesses kiss frogs they get Prince Charming - I look like I have kissed a few frogs and they have passed on scabby yucky blisters on my lips. I am just going to wrap up and feel sorry for myself - one of the hottest days of the year and i am sniffling and no cards to show.

May have caught chill from this 'sunny' day we had in florida

Friday, 25 May 2012

Cards for Farrah

Back from fab Florida - had a great time - found a Joannes and  Michaels[this involved me using public transport -being on a bus for over two hours and going into the lesser popular areas of Orlando- !! still quaking thinking about it]
Not got back into cards yet but as soon as I get back to class or blogging I will feel better.

These cards are for Alexs girlfriend, Farrah - she graduates next week from the University of Jonkoping in Sweden.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Is it you off on your hols?

NO.......oh it must be me then!! Off to the airport in a few hours.

Can't wait to visit Michaels - trying to take the bare minimum so can pack more crafty stuff for the return journey.

Hope the weather is okay for you all as hopefully we bask in the sunshine.

Back in 2 weeks xxxxxx