Saturday, 17 March 2012

never going to jessops again

i have finally bought a camera - i will have a play with it later- nothing is straightforward though - went to jessops camera shop -chose my camera- the assistant tried to flog me a bigger memory card and a  camera case etc - so what did i say - no thank you it's for bedroom use only!!!! [as in the computer is in the spare bedroom and its just for taking photos of my cards] - she got flustered but i carried on regardless saying - i won't need any of the extra bits, i will just take photos in the bedroom and then delete them this point the 2 saturday staff were looking at me...then john walked into the shop and wondered why they were staring at him.  i then realised what i had said and i waffled on to them about making cards but i think the damage was done then.


  1. OMG Margrit I bet they think you're really kinky!!!!! Did you go red when you realised what you'd said? I bet John had a real laugh when you told him what you;d said didn't he?

    You are sooooooo funny :-)

    xx Sazzle xx

  2. Oh Maggie, you have just brightened my day. I am sitting her unable to move today feeling really sorry for myself and your post has just made me laugh so much. Trust you!!!!, thanks for cheering me up.
    Lyndsey xx
    Glad to hear you finally got a camera though.

  3. Maggie
    I am blushing as I read this!
    Sarah x

  4. Oh Margrit that is so funny. I'm sat here laughing and crying at the same
    My daughter is looking at me as though I have gone mad.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Diane xx

  5. Oh Margrit I hope you dont have to go back for help with your camera after this, miss whiplash LOL cant wait to see how you get on with it..what size MP is it..(mega pixel)??

    smiles Christine xx

  6. funny margrit.i bet those shop girls were talking about it all day.

    xx coops xx

  7. oh you did make me laugh,x

  8. You are a nut!!!!! What a funny story - Mother's Day????? Mother's Day in Canada is in May - weird!!!!!


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